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Components of own development

In our software development projects, we give priority to prepare a system separated into modules as re-usable components. In that way, general components are programmed once but can be used again in new projects to save considerable time.

XP Framework 2.0

  • Web application building framework
  • Easy to use declarative XML language
  • ASP.NET 2.0 integration
  • XML state management
  • SQLXML/XSLT support
  • XML/XSLT object cache
OTP WebShopService.NET
  • .NET client for OTP WebShop services
  • Two- and three-party payment option
  • Easy-to-use programming interface
  • .NET WebService implementation
  • Windows Service and .NET Remoting based implementation
  • Object library for using Internet Explorer in .NET applications
  • Implementation of major MSHTML COM interfaces
  • Implementation of interfaces supporting HTML editing
  • ActiveX WebBrowser Control implementation
  • Use of HTMLDocument object without GUI
  • DHTML event support
  • Clipboard and Drag&Drop support
Mshtml TableSelection Behavior
  • Table selection similar to image selection in Internet Explorer
  • Table, row and column level selection
  • VBScript and JavaScript compatibility
  • .NET based Binary HTML Behavior
  • .NET XML compressor component
  • Simple programming interface
  • Arithmetic coding + LZ77
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • .NET TraceListener implementation
  • MSMQ based message transport
  • Messages are storing in MSSQL Server
  • Real-Time TraceMonitor application