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Software Development

Dove Campaign For Real Beauty - website and admin web application
(Customer: Ogilvy) Fanta Bamboocha promotion website and admin web application
(Customer: Ogilvy)
  • Development
  • 2005, 2006 (the site was enhanced with several new functions for the 2006 campaign)
  • User Registration, forum, image gallery, voting, e-cards sending, audio streaming
  • IIS, ASP, MSSQL, SQLXML, XSLT, AspUpload, AspJpeg
ALCOA Customer Feedback Tool 3.0
(Customer: ALCOA CSI Europe)
  • Development
  • January – November, 2005
  • Re-implementation of the traditional ASP based earlier version in ASP.NET
  • Highly customizable workflow implementation
  • Multi-language template based email alert service
  • IIS, ASP.NET, Oracle 8i, Microsoft Reporting Services
Least Cost Routing - call routing optimization system
(Customer: MonorTel)
  • Development
  • September 2003 – September 2004
  • Excel .NET add-in
  • ASP.NET web application (XP Framework 1.2)
  • T-SQL based route optimizer module
SAP Tihany conference registration website and admin web application
(Customer: SAP Hungary)
  • Development and hosting
  • 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (it is organized every year, the application is enhanced every year by adding new functions)
  • XP Framework 1.0 (Web application building framework, which integrates SQLXML and XSLT into the ASP.NET environment using declarative XML syntax. Used for dynamically generating web user interface based on database-metadata.)
Telephone messaging application
(Customer: SkyBond)
  • Development
  • September, 2003 – March, 2004
  • Avaya Definity G5 switchboard handling (Managed C++, C#)
  • Microsoft Cluster Services support
  • DirectShow, Mixer API, TAPI, .NET Remoting
Microsoft .NET development and consultancy for Argon Internet Ltd
  • Since 2002


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